Rental Rates

All online rental orders are based on daily and weekly pricing. Find rental rates for the products below by the hour, day, or week if available.

Hourly rentals are only available in-person at our shop on a first come first serve basis.

Questions? Call us at 252-921-0311 or submit a contact form.

Bike Rental Prices

Bike Rentals are available by the hour, day, or week. Visit our shop directly to place an order by the hour.

Bike RentalsHourly RateDaily RateWeekly Rate
Adult Bike$10$20$55
Adult Bike with Child’s Seat$10$30$75
Kids Bike$10$15$30
Tandem Bikes$20$50$150
Adult Bike with Trailer Attachment for Child$40$95
Adult Bike with Trailer Attachment for Pets$40$95

Beach Gear Prices

Beach gear rentals are available to rent by the day or week.

Beach Gear RentalsDaily RateWeekly Rate
Aluminum Beach Chair$10$20
Beach Carts$25$50
Bocce Ball Set$10$25
Boogie Board$14$30
Clam Rakes and Baskets$17$38
Cornhole Boards$17$43
Horse Shoe Set$30$30
Ladder Toss$10$25
Wooden Beach Chair$15$20
Volleyball Net$15$40

Baby Equipment Prices

Baby equipment rentals are available by the day or week.
Rates for daily baby equipment rentals vary.

Baby Gear RentalsDaily RateWeekly Rate
Wooden Baby Crib$75$75
Baby Gate$10$15
Children’s Car Seat$15$30
High Chair$45$45
Jogging Stroller$50$50
Pack and Play$35$35

Cottage Gear Prices

Cottage gear rentals are available to rent by the day or week.

Cottage Gear RentalsDaily RateWeekly Rate
Box Fan$15$15
Charcoal Grill$15$45
Crock Pot Slow Cooker$25$25
Dog Crate$65$65
Gas Grill $80$80
Steamer Pot$25$25